Щетки для порогов

Раздел в стадии разработки и наполнения. 

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Щетки для порогов

Для приобретения нашего товара нужно оставить информацию в нашей электронной почте Osborn-rus@inbox.ru или сделать звонок на многоканальный офисный телефон, указав: 

  • марку моечной машины;

  • Посадочный диаметр (диаметр вала);

  • модель и год выпуск;

  • размеры щетки для автомоек.

После этого вы сможете сразу же получить коммерческое предложение на приобретение частичного или полного комплекта щёток для износившегося ворса вашей мойки. Вы можете заменить щетки на более современные и качественные. Если вы желаете приобрести щетки для моек, то обратились по адресу

“The New Wheel Cleaner”


Created with only the best materials and the utmost care from extrusion to forming, the SILL BRUSHES systems are available in a variety of sizes, materials and designs. Used exclusively in tunnel systems, they provide an alternative solution to wheel brushes and help wash the lower part of the car, which is more difficult to reach with vertical brushes.


The specific cut of the bristles and the position of the various elements have been specifically designed to improve the washing and make them compatible with all types of units. There are many options available: from rigid plastic cylinder supports, to plastic or foam bristles and to single-length or moulded elements.
Both the KAMM and POODLE versions guarantee great performances: the moulded brush, made of various-length bristles, cleans even the most unreachable parts and is therefore very effective. Furthermore, the Favagrossa’s bristles are subject to an exclusive process of feathering, which makes the end of the bristles soft and delicate. An additional technical plus for unique and inimitable brushes.


The Favagrossa’s SILL BRUSHES have an exclusive patented design and sturdy structure that makes them really long-lasting. The high-quality of the product is also guaranteed by the fact that all productive processes - from extrusion of the bristles to the forming of the plastic backing - are carried out by the company itself and that each brush is assembled and checked by expert operators. Furthermore, the Favagrossa’s plastic materials take care of the environment, as they are 100% recyclable.